We’ve just had our 1st Birthday at StanleySmith Case Management and what a year it has been…

In July 2018 Nikki and I were keen to have a new challenge in our career and use the expertise that we had gained in case management over the last 10 years. We felt our skill set as a physiotherapist and occupational therapist, one specialising in adults and the other in children, was just an excellent combination. Aside from our professional skill based, we’re both super keen, driven, enthusiastic and passionate about promoting the individual needs of our clients. A dog walk with family and a few chats later we set up StanleySmith Case Management Ltd.

Now a year on we are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and 3 other associate case managers have joined us:

Zoe Cocksedge who is a highly experienced case manager and OT with a similar ethos mindset to us joined us in April. She specialises in adult brain injury and complex case management.

Veronika Thompson, highly experienced OT working in health and social care in crisis management also joined us in April.

In August we expanded our paediatric team and Katya Tune, highly experienced independent physiotherapist joined our team.

We’ve also employed Ruth Yates, who has a background in accounting and HR. She’s our Finance and Operations manager.

We have a growing number of clients who are children, young adults and adults. We have several employed care packages which we manage, in addition to agency care packages with we monitor.

It’s been a great first year, full of passion and enthusiasm to set up and manage a company which provides quality, individually client led case management, empowering our clients to maximise their potential. As a team we’re particularly keen to promote participation in all daily occupations.

To find out more or if you are interested in joining our dynamic and experienced team contact us at admin@sscasemanagement.co.uk