A busy September

Wow a busy September for StanleySmith Case Management. Nikki arrived back from a super trip to Sri Lanka. The schools are back making the paediatric team particularly busy with school visits.

Heidi attended the Children’s Trust Brain Injury Conference in London on 6 September and came back inspired to lobby MP’s about the importance of brain injury rehabilitation for children and young people, in addition to adults. She had an interesting return journey home when she realised the marvel movie star Dr Strange was sitting opposite her.

Less than a week later Heidi attended a meeting with the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Managers (BABICM) professional membership practice group again in London – no star spotting that time but an excellent opportunity to work on case management practice guidelines. A week later and another course, Heidi and Nikki both attended the ABI Solutions training in Bristol – where we saw a few of our former colleagues and friends. In the middle of that Heidi and Nikki attended a wonderful afternoon tea at The Garden House (which incidentally are lovely wheel chair accessible gardens in Yelverton) with Wolferstans solicitor.

A busy month is ahead with Nikki attending the ‘Seeing is Believing mTBI & PTSD’ conference and Heidi attending the Brain Injury Group training in London.